Quantum technology partnership for aerospace

Strathclyde quantum technology partnership

A University of Strathclyde-led quantum technology partnership, which is aiming to develop some of the world’s most powerful computers, has secured funding worth a total of £4.6 million.

Researchers at Strathclyde and photonics and quantum technology company M Squared are collaborating to develop advanced computing technology, which could strengthen banking security, enhance traffic management and support aerospace security. The partners aim to work with fintech and aerospace businesses to deliver significant advancements in the UK’s quantum capabilities.

The research has gained £2.6 million in Prosperity Partnership funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), as part of UK Research and Innovation, while M Squared has invested a further £1.7 million, and Strathclyde has contributed £300,000.

Future applications of the technology developed in this partnership include accelerated drug design for improved healthcare, novel materials for aerospace and manufacturing and the speed-up of optimisation problems including scheduling and logistics for enhanced traffic management or improved efficiency in energy distribution across the National Grid.

Prosperity Partnership grants are awarded to projects that build links between the UK’s research base and leading industry partners. The project will complement the work of the UK-wide Quantum Technology Hubs, which explore the properties of quantum mechanics and how they can be harnessed for use in technology. Strathclyde is the only university which is a partner in all four of the hubs.

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Source: “Strathclyde quantum technology partnership secures £4.6 million”,  University of Strathclyde Glasgow