Prototype your IoT design easy with Infineon

Schield2Go IoT Infineon

On 7th February, Infineon hosted a webinar centred around how to prototype and evaluate IoT designs using Infineon My IoT adapter and the Shield2Go board.

IoT prototyping is driven by a growing market demand, a wide variety of applications, and a growing flexibility of solutions.

Infineon presented its portfolio of Arduino compatible Schield2Go boards that can help designers to achieve fast and flexible IoT prototyping. Schield2Go enhances security, sensing, power and control functions of an IoT product. All the designer needs to do is to use specially designed blocks with their hardware, and combine them into the system. They can be combined with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

Schield2Go products include boards for:
• security – OPTIGA security controllers
• sensor IC – pressure sensor, microphone, magnetic current sensor, magnetic position sensor
• XMC2Go microcontroller
• My IoT adapter

All these boards can be used with the Arduino Uno board. The software is also based on the Arduino. The software, compatible with Raspberry Pi, will be launched later this year. All the software is open source and available on the GitHub.

Infineon also offers shields for motor control, RGB lighting and other purposes.

Schield2Go is widely used by universities and students in their designs. You can find more tools and boards for your designs at the Infineon for Makers web page.