Most popular deep learning software uses EPFL algorithm

Most popular deep learning software uses EPFL algorithm

PyTorch is used for countless AI applications ranging from Tesla’s Autopilot to Facebook’s translation software and its latest version, just launched, features an EPFL communication-efficient training algorithm that even helps the planet. 

Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods, based on artificial neural networks, and has allowed us to develop everything from voice and image recognition tools, enhance drug discovery and toxicology, and improve financial fraud detection.

As the applications of machine learning become bigger, more complex and increasingly ubiquitous in our modern, digital age, neural networks have grown tremendously in size, consisting of trillions of connections. To train these models faster, researchers typically distribute the training effort over many computers or Graphics Processing Units yet, just like humans that collaborate to solve a task, collaborating computers also suffer from communication overhead.

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Source: “EPFL algorithm in the world’s most popular deep learning software”, Tanya Petersen, EPFL News