Introduction to parallel programming course

Introduction to parallel programming with HPX

Swiss National Supercomputing Center CSCS starts “Introduction to parallel programming with HPX” course in it’s office in Lugano late October 2019.

This course is designed to introduce parallelism and concurrency of HPX library, and teach attendees to write applications with HPX. Participants will learn about HPX concepts and task-biased programming, HPX API details, will cover examples and exercises, debugging and profiling methods, and resource management.

This course should be attended by students with strong knowledge of C++. Attendees can be as well interested in attending C++ training course as well, that goes before HPX training.

The tutors are Dr. John Biddiscombe and Mikael Simberg both from CSCS, Thomas Heller from STELLAR Group.

The event is scheduled for 17-18 of October 2019. The successful attendees should have valid affiliation to an academic institution. The participation fee is 160 CHF.

Read details and register.