Industry’s highest-capacity monolithic memory for mobile applications

Industry’s highest-capacity monolithic memory for mobile applications

Micron Technology, Inc., today unveiled the industry’s highest-capacity monolithic 16Gb low-power double data rate 4X (LPDDR4X) DRAM.

Capable of delivering up to 16GB1 of low-power DRAM (LPDRAM) in a single smartphone, Micron’s 16Gb LPDDR4X extends the company’s leadership in memory capacity and performance for current and next-generation mobile devices.

Micron LPDDR4X is also available in a UFS-based multichip package (uMCP4) to address the needs of mobile device manufacturers seeking low power for extending battery life and smaller dimensions for designing devices with thin, attractive form factors. Micron has begun volume shipments of its LPDDR4X and uMCP4, leading the industry’s transition to 1z nanometer node.

“Data-intensive mobile applications are driving the growth in consumer demand for high-capacity memory and storage — not just in flagship smartphones but also in mid- to high-end mobile devices,” said Dr. Raj Talluri, senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Business Unit at Micron Technology. “The new 16Gb LPDDR4X is designed to meet the needs of today’s data-hungry applications while ensuring the ability to meet future needs of advanced artificial intelligence processing at the edge and high-bandwidth 5G applications.”

Micron LPDDR4X delivers higher density in the same footprint for discrete designs and low-power multichip packages to address a broader smartphone user base. Emerging 5G mobile technology will require a memory subsystem that can accommodate higher data rates and real-time data processing to provide mobile device users with a flawless experience.

Micron’s 1z nm LPDDR4X products offer the industry’s lowest power consumption while maintaining the fastest LPDDR4 clock speeds of up to 4,266 megabits per second (Mbps). They consume up to 10% less power than previous-generation solutions for memory-intensive applications such as 4K video playback. As the highest-capacity monolithic 16Gb LPDDR4X die (stackable up to eight die in a single package) currently available, LPDDR4X doubles the memory capacity without increasing the package footprint used for prior generations of LPDDR4.

Micron LPDDR4X memory solutions are available today in volume quantities as discrete solutions and in eight different configurations of UFS-based multichip packages (uMCP4), ranging from 64GB+3GB to 256GB+8GB. The uMCP4 addresses the increasing memory needs of mobile devices in the mid- to high-end segments that seek performance similar to that of flagship smartphones.