Framework for scientific visualisation and discovery

Atipa Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance computing and storage solutions, today announced the deployment of its Polaris High Performance Computing and Visualisation (HPCV) platform at Northern Illinois University. The platform is a turnkey Intel Select Solution for Professional Visualisation, enabling cost effective and performance verified scientific simulation and visualisation. 

The Polaris Select HPCV platform leverages the Intel Rendering Framework with optimised ray-tracing algorithms to use the Intel Xeon Scalable Processors already present in the server, avoiding add-in graphics processors for high-fidelity rendering and visualisation. The framework uses the Message Passing Interface (MPI) to extend the scalability of visualisation workloads beyond a single node, enabling the use of the aggregated memory of all cluster nodes to visualise data sets of hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes.

“The ddiLab at Northern Illinois University is extremely excited to integrate Atipa Polaris HPCV Cluster and Intel Rendering Framework into our visualisation courses,” says Mike Papka, Professor of Computer Science at NIU. “The infrastructure will allow us to train the next generation of visualisation experts using tools and software infrastructure that they will encounter at National Laboratories and in the most advanced industry settings.”

“Intel Select Solutions apply rigorous configuration testing and optimisations to help companies like Atipa accelerate their customers’ deployments with pre-verified solutions,” said Jake Smith, Director of Data Centre Technologies, Intel. “Intel Select Solutions for Professional Visualisation and tools like the Intel Rendering Framework will enable researchers and students at Northern Illinois University to quickly model, understand, and solve the most complex data models.”