ERS Hub launches smart tool to energise careers and skills in UK electrification

A new Electrification Self-Assessment Tool is being officially launched this week to help fill the 169,000 jobs that UK electrification requires.

The online platform, available at, will help individuals better understand the skills, courses, and roles available in the industry and how they measure up, giving them a clear pathway to achieve a potential career in the sector.

The self-assessment tool, which has been developed in partnership with Data Driven Capability Pathways (DCP), takes less than thirty minutes to complete and can be used by people already working in the industry, as well as those who have no prior experience but are looking for an initial insight into UK electrification.

A broad overview of skill sets and job roles in ‘power electronics, machines, drives and control’ are in place and is being joined by an increasingly deep dive into more specific roles, including battery management engineer, mechanical design engineer, thermal design lead and software integration specialist.

A full online introduction and user guide is being held on February 7th and already has delegates signing up from leading UK organisations, experts, and decision-makers.

Dr James Shuttleworth, Operations Director at the ERS Hub, commented: “There are so many opportunities in electrification, but it is still an emerging industry, and it can be difficult to navigate the skills and capabilities required.

“We have taken advantage of the reach of the ERS Hub, the common language of the PEMD Body of Knowledge and the understanding of electrification from our connections with colleges, universities, employers, and experts in the sector.

“The tool gives users the benefit of all this expertise and understanding to help them identify the careers they want and the skills they need.”

He continued: “Thanks to the enormous amount of career and development opportunities on the Hub, the tool can then link people directly to the ones that suit them.”

Funded by Coventry University and UKRI, the ERS Hub has enjoyed a hugely successful 12 months, achieving its vision to accelerate the success of UK electrification by supporting careers and skills development.

It has already supported over 600 jobs being filled and currently has hundreds of open positions available with more being added daily.

The Hub’s directory of training, development and courses continues to grow, boasting over 900 entries, including short courses, upskilling programmes, and graduate placements.

At the hub’s heart is the Body of Knowledge, which is promoting a consistent view of the skills and technologies that make up electrification and helps create a consensus for the disciplines required to upskill the UK workforce.

The Self-Assessment tool takes advantage of this industry-wide understanding and builds a more tailored and interactive journey for individuals.

Richard Lane, Product Development Director at the ERS Hub, went on to add: “This is just the start. The tool has multiple pathways already and can expand to support people at different points of their journey, across different sectors, and job roles.

“We are encouraging companies and training providers to come forward and work with us on creating more pathways that are relevant to their current and future workforces.

“The technology can be branded and customised in order to support organisations looking to attract new talent in what is an extremely competitive environment.”

Deepak Farmah, Commercial Director at the ERS Hub, concluded: “We have a great opportunity to make sure the electrification market is truly inclusive and energised, attracting people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and specialisms.

“The Hub is ensuring that the UK has the right talent pool to lead the electrification race and this smart tool is the latest innovation to support that agenda.”