Eindhoven University race team unveils lightest ever-Formula race car

University Racing Eindhoven (URE) competed in their first race of the season at the iconic TT circuit in Assen, Netherlands in electric classes of the international Formula Student competition.

They proudly entered the season with the fastest and lightest race car that the student team has ever developed. Despite fierce competition, URE demonstrated their outstanding capabilities and achieved a commendable 5th place finish. The team’s remarkable performance has heightened expectations for future races and their pursuit of a podium position.

Vicor Corporation provided high-performance power modules to URE helping them achieve their lightest vehicle ever for their teams 20th year anniversary. Chosen for their small and lightweight characteristics, the Vicor modules efficiently step down the high voltage accumulator’s power from 400V-600V to 27V-38V. Using the Vicor high power density modules, the team was able to achieve an amazing 15% decrease in weight.  With seven low voltage circuits powered, including accumulator and radiator fans, these modules offer optimal efficiency. URE produced a more compact design with improved functionality including reduced cooling and lighter components compared to alternative discrete designs.

Following the race in Assen, the team will continue their competitive journey at renowned racing circuits: the Hungaroring in Hungary and Hockenheim in Germany. Currently holding a commendable fourth position out of 280 teams worldwide in the Formula Student competition, the team is determined to elevate their world ranking further.