Cybersecurity escape room hosted at University of Bolton

An escape room has been installed at the University of Bolton to teach about the importance of cyber security. The interactive learning experience will be available to visit from 25th April through to the 28th. The escape room was created by CGI UK, a cybersecurity specialist.

Players will face two rooms, one set to resemble an office environment, and a second a more secret setting that might be expected to be inhabited by a hacker. Before the one hour challenge begins, participants are given a brief. Participants must find certain items that will assist their company in hacking through the cybersecurity of its rival to steal its secrets.

Participants will be presented with clues, designed to get them closer to their aim. Simultaneously, the clues highlight the flaws in the cybersecurity, acting as valuable teaching resources for those involved.

Maxine Bulmer, VP for Cyber Security at CGI UK, discussed some everyday threats and how people can defend against them: “We talk about three areas – assess the risk, protect the business and operate with confidence.

“Assess the risk is about education and awareness and understanding of what those risks might be, where they might come from, what is the impact of not doing something?” she continued.

She provided some advice to individuals: “Don’t use the same (password) for every single device so that if something gets compromised or lost or damaged or you suspect there’s been a threat then you haven’t got that same password everywhere.

“A lot of younger people are online. It’s about being careful about what they say, who they engage with – are they absolutely sure that they know who’s at the other end of those messages?”

The escape room is aimed at children from 10 upwards, all the wat to adults and businesses training and teambuilding. Visit CGI’s website to book your place.

Sam Johnson, Head of the School of the Arts at the University of Bolton, said: “With our increased reliance upon digital platforms and real-world data systems, it is crucial that we all get to know more about the potential risks associated with gathering, processing and using data and how best to make online environments secure.

“The CGI room is a great way for people of all ages to engage with key concepts and problems in the cybersecurity field. And as an interactive and experiential learning experience, participants are far more likely to remember the key messages that are so important to safe on-line practice.”