Build your career with Daimler

Build your career with Daimler

Students have variety of possibilities of building their career with Daimler, like internships, thesis or temporary work.

Daimler offers several exciting internship options for students. Internship can be related to different fields of career – innovation, driving of future, financing, purchasing and many others. Internships can also be conducted nationally and internationally. The main criteria are valid enrolment certification, standard studies period  and one to six months free time.

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Daimler Student Partnership is another opportunity for students, where students can get individual mentoring and development plan. Daimler Student Partnership lasts for up to 15 months and includes trainings, webinars, field trips, coaching and assistance finding practical placement. The main criteria here are to be highly motivated about mobility, and to have a top grades at technical or commercial discipline.

For details about Daimler Student Partnership read here.

If you are working student, Daimler will be great place to start your career. You will work in specific areas that will give you a deeper insight into the subject and make contribution to your studies. Criteria are to have very good grades at your studies, completed relevant to your course internships. You will be able to get to know company better and build professional network.

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If you want to make your Bachelor or Master thesis at Daimler, you will be offered a subject, and will work on a live project in development, manufacturing or commercial business areas. With Daimler you will get know-how knowledge, expertise, will broaden your knowledge and interpersonal skills. Criteria are above-average grades, and enrolment to study engineering, science, IT or business.

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