Benefits of Micron University Program

Micron University Program

Student Circuit has recently spoken to Manuela Seminara, Academic and Institutional Relations Manager at Micron Technologies and Micron Foundation Ambassador in Europe, regarding the company’s University Programme and Internship in Europe.

Micron Technology is an innovator in the industry of memory and storage solutions for automotive, consumer, IIoT, mobile, networking and server applications.

Micron Technology offers an opportunity for students and universities  in western Europe to participate in its University Programme, focusing mostly on master and postgraduate projects and internships for technology and project R&D, architectural design, firmware development, system engineering.

Undergraduate students from German universities can be offered three or six months of working experience in a corporate environment. Programmes are also offered for universities in Italy where Micron is working with Masters and PhD students. Students are offered three year paid scholarships – 99% of PhD graduates are then hired by Micron.

Micron is funding scholarships for PhD students, conducting lectures, seminars and workshops hosted by Micron experts. Micron also contributes to instrumentation and materials for student research projects.

The main topics Micron is working on with universities are focused around material science, semiconductor architecture and system engineering, logic design, product and test engineering.
Micron aims to grow the amount of engineering talent coming from academia to work in its main locations around the world. When students are accepted for internships or research work at Micron, they also receive expert training, which will develop their skills in working in a team.

In Italy many of the universities usually deal with automotive, non-volatile and emerging memory. In Germany many of the universities usually work in high-performance graphical DRAM and automotive memory.

Most of interns at Micron are students or recent graduates in electronics and information engineering, computer sciences, and physics. A few of the internship positions are usually opened in mathematical engineering and mathematical sciences. Electronics engineering PhD students can conduct research at Micron’s laboratories. And so, after graduation they have access to job opportunities globally.

The Micron Foundation supports and sponsors universities, schools and associations. Micron also regularly contributes to education-oriented events in Italy, Germany and UK.
Participating at Micron’s university programme and internship, students will benefit from real-life knowledge they obtained at universities. After finishing internship, Micron is capable of offering jobs to 50% of university graduates. Internship and apprenticeships at Micron offers students the opportunity to take their first steps into a career at a technology company.