BBC Micro:Bit (V2) board new version released

BBC Micro:Bit (V2) board new version released

The BBC Micro:Bit (V2) Board is a brand new, small size, and supercharged version of the popular pocket-sized programmable computer. It has been designed to encourage kids and young people to become acquainted with programming and electronics in an effective and amusing way. This pocket-size programmable computer has come with an advanced microphone, speaker, and more upgraded processing powers.

It’s a completely small-size programmable computer by which you can bring your concepts to life very easily! For example, using this BBC micro: bit (v2) board, you can make games, create music and even control robots.

It comprises the following features:

  • This BBC micro: bit (v2) board features 25 LED matrix to scroll messages or display numbers
  • Accelerometer for movement identification or tilting
  • Compass to measure magnetic fields
  • Two user input buttons
  • Port for a battery pack
  • A Bluetooth connection to interact with the internet or other devices
  • Micro USB connection to pair with PC
  • 20 pin edge connector
  • ARM Cortex-M4 CPU
  • Built-in advanced speaker and microphone

The BBC micro: bit (v2) board has been designed with the same dimensions and looks like the micro: bit (v1) board. But it has brought up some latest features. In this latest version, it has added broadly requested sound-making and sensing capability along with improving the board to enhance the board’s functionalities spectacularly.

In accordance to specification it has:

Processor: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833

Interface: NXP KL27Z (32kB RAM)

Memory: 512kB Flash 128kB RAM

Speaker: Onboard speaker

Microphone: MEMS microphone and LED indicator

Logo Touch: Touch-sensitive logo pin

I2C: Dedicated I2C bus for peripherals

Edge Connector: 25 pins,  PWM, i2C, 4 dedicated GPIO, SPI, and ext. power. 3 ring pins for connecting banana plugs or crocodile clips. Notched for easier connection

Current available: 200mA available for accessories

Wireless: 2.4Ghz Micro: bit Radio, Bluetooth 5.0

Power: 5V via Micro USB port, LED power indicator, 3V via edge connector, or battery pack, Power off (push and hold power button)

Software: C++,  Python, MakeCode, Scratch

Motion Sensor: ST LSM 303

Size: 5cm x 4cm (w x h)

New Features are including:

  • Touch Logo: The BBC micro: bit (v2) board features an extra input the gold logo performs as a touch sensor. As an extra button, you can use it in your programs.
  • Microphone LED: To the measuring sound levels activity. 
  • Built-in speaker: The BBC micro: bit (v2) board features a built-in speaker to effortlessly add music and new sounds to the programs.
  • Microphone: There are Microphone and Indicator LED fixed on the back of the micro bit v2 board. The LED flashes monitoring its sound levels. 
  • Red power LED: The red power LED fixed on the backside of the board indicates whether the micro bit has power from the usb cable or batteries.
  • Yellow USB LED: This LED indicator lights up when you flash a program file.
  • Reset & power button: You can reset the microbit and run your program from the start by pressing the Reset button.