Back to school with HBK’s autumn courses

HBK’s latest online training courses, designed to help engineers tackle work challenges using its nCode and ReliaSoft software, are available now for registration.

The courses feature a range of theoretical and hands-on examples looking to develop skills within the fields of reliability, maintainability, durability, and fatigue analysis.

With sessions starting this September, attendees can expect to gain a solid foundation on the methods, analyses, applications and associated tools in reliability engineering mathematics at Fundamentals of Reliability. Basic and advanced concepts for analyzing and modeling reliability data using ReliaSoft Weibull++ and BlockSim will be explored over a seven-day course.

For an introduction to fatigue analysis methods, the company will also run a session called Practical Fatigue Theory. Engineers will learn about the physics of fatigue as a failure mode, and fatigue analysis methods such as stress-life, strain-life, and crack growth.

The Accelerated Life Testing Analysis course covers the benefits, limitations, theory and procedure behind several proven accelerated test analysis methods. Building on concepts learnt in Fundamentals of Reliabilitycourse, it explores advanced concepts and applications for quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis, including tests with multiple stresses, categorical stresses or time-dependent stresses.

There will also be a session dedicated to learning signal processing and test data analysis techniques using nCode GlyphWorks. Attendees will gain an overview of processing time series data and performing durability analysis to quickly – and efficiently – turn raw data into actionable information.

All online courses are conducted in real-time with an instructor on-hand to answer questions and assist via audio or chat. The courses are delivered over a series of 3-hour sessions and presented by Prenscia application engineers who provide instruction in a virtual meeting environment and address challenges interactively to ensure all attendees receive live support. Private training courses may also be scheduled as needed to improve the productivity of a whole team.

The full training course calendar is available here: