Anders displaying precision through investment in technology talent

As all electronics companies know, welcoming new engineering talent into your team is a cause for celebration. Not a day goes without negative headline news about the next generation, or the lack of it, as the skills gap shortage continues to disrupt business succession planning.

However, at Anders, whether we are either just very lucky, or simply an attractive place for people to join, we’ve not witnessed any of the above challenges. Every new member of our team, snowflakes included, come with a hunger to learn, develop, and succeed, and every time we advertise for a new recruit, we are inundated by incredibly qualified candidates.

We like to think it is the latter, we are simply an attractive place for people to join.’ And even though we state the word ‘simply’, achieving a successful company culture that helps to retain current team members, as well as attract new ones, isn’t ‘simple’ at all. It comes with investing in the company, developing resources, tools, and aids to help people and empower everyone to communicate openly. At Anders, we believe we’ve hit the right balance. And of course, the fact that we sit at the intersection of design, technology, and innovation helps. Who wouldn’t want to work on the car dashboard of the future, or integrate display technology into the home to make it smarter?

It’s with this in mind, that we’d like to welcome two of our newest team members, Adilson Jacob, and Dr. Alexander Pang.

Adilson Jacob, joins us as an Applications Engineer and will be charged with helping customers to ensure that their product design is the correct fit for its intended function. Adilson will collaborate with the customer through the product fulfilment journey from design, to development, to distribution, by getting to know the specific, and often custom technical requirements, in alignment to the product application. At Anders, we prefer to start this process at the design stage of the production lifecycle to ensure that we design for manufacturing, compliance, cost, and end-user satisfaction. This also enables us to work with our supply chain partners, and as we are one of the world’s leading display and embedded technology companies, we can leverage economies of scale in component sourcing.

Like all of our engineers, and indeed the majority of our team, Adilson holds a degree in Electronic Engineering. He is a self-confessed engineering geek, who even spends his spare time developing technology.

His current hobby is an IoT project, but he’s not telling us anything else about that, yet!

Dr. Alexander Pang strengthens our team as our new Applications and Development Engineer. With a list of credentials including; a PhD, MSc, and a BEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol, Alex not only academically matches the level of technical talent we attract, but he fits our mould personally as he loves a challenge, enjoys problem solving, and can therefore often be found bringing various ‘what-if’ scenarios to the table. Alexander specialises in optically reconfigurable microwave and millimetre-wave circuits design, which means he has comprehensive knowledge about optoelectronics, wireless and material. His background means he has a fundamental awareness of hardware component design.

One of Alexander’s unique strengths is his ability to communicate up and down the supply chain. In his role, he is the interface between our customers and suppliers, and he is the lubrication to ensure that the project runs as per the production schedule. Often involved in customised and tailored solutions, Alexander is the point of contact for feasibility, functionality, and fulfilment.

At Anders, our engineering team accounts for 40% of our business model, and as a function, it’s growing. We will continue to invest in qualified engineers, and to us, they are the unsung heroes of tech.

Our engineers tell us that they enjoy the variety of projects within Anders, allowing them to become multi-talented, multi-trained, and multi-disciplined. One day they may be working on integrating a complex display into a non-intrusive medical device, and the next, they’re updating the old-fashioned mechanical dials found on navigation equipment to robust display technology that can tell the difference between rain water and salt water!

This is why we are known in the industry, as the people behind the screen.