Air quality is measured by sensors on buses

Air quality is measured by sensors on buses

By installing sensors on moving vehicles researchers can measure the air quality at street level in real time in a totally new way.

“Air borne pollutants, humidity, heat and noise all affect the well-being of city residents to a great extent. We are talking of readings that vary hyperlocally but that have been difficult to obtain up to now,” says Sara Borgström, Coordinator of Senseable Stockholm Lab.

During the pandemic the Senseable Stockholm Lab building has been silent and empty. The idea had been for researchers from the Senseable City Lab at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology to join forces there with KTH researchers and employees from the City of Stockholm.

Large volumes of data that have been collected with new technology were to be combined and analysed in new ways, to create an even better understanding of the environment in Stockholm and support smarter decision-making.

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Source: “Sensors on buses measure city air quality”, KTH Royal Institute of Technology