2 RWTH microelectronics projects are to be funded

2 RWTH microelectronics projects are to be funded

Microelectronics is a major driving force for innovation and digitalization and a key technology to sustain the economic wellbeing of Germany and of Europe. To actively support this field, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has initiated the “Research for New Microelectronics” funding line, ForMikro for short.


The NobleNEMS project is coordinated by Professor Max Lemme, Chair of Electronic Devices at RWTH Aachen University (ELD). The project seeks to demonstrate highly sensitive nanoelectromechanical sensors (NEMS) made of two-dimensional materials that contain noble metals such as platinum or palladium.

As Lemme explains, “we expect to significantly improve the sensitivity and the scalability of membrane-based pressure sensors and microphones. In the long run, I also see potential for applications of this technology in accelerometers, environmental sensors, and infrared photodetectors.”

Aside from RWTH, TU Dresden, the Bundeswehr University Munich, and the companies Infineon, ATV, Witec, and AMO contribute to the project. With its activities in research and teaching, the Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center is also involved in NobleNEMS.

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Source: “German Ministry of Education and Research to fund two RWTH microelectronics projects”, RWTH Aachen