There are five types of organisational structure:

  • Functional
  • Weak matrix structure
  • Balanced matrix structure
  • Strong matrix structure
  • Projectised structure

Every organisation type differs based on the relationship between team members in its horizontal and vertical structure.

  1. Functional organisation has group of the functional managers who coordinate the project. They differ by speciality, so every part of the project team is limited by their speciality. In this structure every employee has a dedicated functional manager. The functional company organisation is depicted in Figure 1.

functional organisation

Figure 1.

  1. Contrary to a functional organisation, the projectised organisation is characterised with the mixed responsibilities of the project team members. The projectised organisational structure is depicted in Figure 2.

projectised organisation

Figure 2.

  1. Weak matrix organisation. Here the project team members responsibilities are also mixed, but the role of the manager is more coordinated. It makes this organisational structure look more functional than projectised.

wek matrix

Figure 3.

  1. Balanced matrix organisation. Here the project team members functions and responsibilities are mixed. And role of the project manager is split equally between managing as coordinating.

balanced matrix

Figure 4.

  1. Strong matrix organisation. Strong matrix organisation structure is very close to the projectised structure.

strong matrix

Figure 5.

Project management processes and stages