Zurich challenges the talents topic and research excellence

World Academic Summit 2019

Zurich is getting ready to host World Academic Summit, on 10-12 of September 2019, bringing together leaders of the world known universities, Nobel laureates, from leading industry players  and decision-makers from government.

This main theme of the event is “how talent thrives”. World Academic Summit will bring together 400 leaders from world-known universities and research-oriented companies to discuss important innovative talents topics.

The event will start at Marriott Hotel Zurich 10.30 with keynote speech, engaging 10 speakers from League of European Research Universities, University of Western Australia, University of Waterloo, ETH Zurich, University of Cape Town and others, on the topic “Allowing the talent to thrive: how do we create conditions for creative researchers to realise their full potential and make the next big breakthrough?”

Event participants will visit industrial organisations to discuss talent topics on site:

  • The Adecco Group “Making the future work for everyone”
  • Google “Research @Google: Working on computer science problems the define the technology of today and tomorrow”
  • IBM Research “Fostering the culture of collaborative innovation”
  • Impact HUB Zurich “How to build an innovation ecosystem”
  • Microsoft “New models for industry-academic collaboration”
  • Opensystem “Corporate culture: talent, passion and success spaces”
  • Verity “Creative drone technology: a crossover of art, engineering and entrepreneurial talent”
  • ETH Zurich “A creative ecosystem where talents flourish”.

Event participants will discuss the nature of the talent in the 21st century and the role of universities in creating and developing talented students. Event delegates will discuss if universities are producing skills or knowledge, how universities conduct high-quality research and how to decide if certain skills and knowledge are necessary. Speakers of this session are delegates from University of Cape Town, IBM ThinkLab and IBM Research Zurich and Chair of learning sciences and higher education at ETH Zurich.

The event will cover the topic of talents in the business evolution with keynote speech of Vice-president of research at Walt Disney Studios.

World Academic Summit will outline the driving factors of the talents, covering positive and negative models.

Speakers from KaosPilot, Former minister of education and Ghana, Digital Citizen Fund and Rector of ETH Zurich will cover the topic of diversity in leadership in the academic environment, if it possible change the dominance in the top 200 research universities.

Important topic of the diversity in the fast growing AI industry will be discussed at the World Academic Summit, from perspective of opportunities in computer science for universities, industry, research and governments outside the US and China.

The World Academic Summit 2019 is hosted by the flagship of Zurich ETH and The Times High Education. The event sponsors are Elsevier, The Wall Street Journal, HSBC, Microsoft and others.

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