Why it’s so hard for scientific discoveries to reach general public?

Why it's so hard for scientific discoveries to reach general public?

For scientists, the path from bright idea to finished product is a long one. Prototypes must go through an extensive testing and approval process before they are ready for the market. Let’s have a look.

The results of scientific research can often bring considerable societal and economic benefits. But the path from the lab bench to a real-world application can take years, even for projects that are designed from the outset with a concrete use in mind. For instance, it took seven years for the pipetting robot developed by EPFL spin-off SEED Biosciences to reach the market, which it did in 2020. “Our robot lets scientists dispense cells one by one,” says Eric Meurville, a SEED Biosciences co-founder who now works at EPFL’s Technology Transfer Office. “The technology isn’t really all that complicated, but it still took a long time to turn the idea we came up with in the lab into a commercial product.”

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Source: “Why do scientific discoveries take long to reach the general public?”, EPFL News