With the aim of supporting college and university students, Digi-Key Electronics has launched its DKBack2School giveaway.

Entrants can submit their name and email address for a chance to win tools to kick off the 2021 school year. Students can upgrade their potential prize by submitting an innovative design sketch concept on improving student life using electronic components or products found on Digi-Key’s website. Sketch on engineering paper, napkin, or any medium of your choice. You can submit your idea here.

If students are really hands-on; they can implement their design in hardware, submit a video or photo of it working, and become eligible to win the InstaLab in the Grand Prize category. Digi-Key will pick two Grand Prize winners (a first place + runner-up) which means there is double the chance to win!

The second and third place winners will get other really cool prizes. Check out their descriptions below.

Prize Breakdown

  • ‘Entry’ Level Sweepstakes: Submit your Name + E-mail Address
  • ‘Involved’ Prize: Submit your Name + E-mail Address + Design w/ Description of the project
  • ‘Superfan’ Prize (Grand Prize & Runner-Up): Submit your Name + E-mail Address + Design w/ Description of the project + Implement the Project (video or pictures as proof)

Entry to the sweepstakes (Entry Level) is simple, just submit your name and e-mail address. Entry to the design contest (Involved and Superfan) is more complex. Submit a design idea based on products and components found on Digi-Key’s website.

  • Six lucky winners will get a Gaming Console
  • Three lucky winners will get the Back-2-School Lab kit
  • One Grand Prize winner will win an InstaLab and the Runner-Up will win a LulzBot Mini 2

What’s in the ‘Entry’ prize?

Adafruit PyGamer or
GHI Brain Pad or
Adafruit 4×4 NeoTrellis Feather

What’s in the ‘Involved’ prize?

Hakko Fume Extractor
Adafruits Parts Pal
Seeed Grove Arduino Kit
Sparkfun Deluxe Tool Kit
Benchtop Power Supply
Analog Discovery 2

What’s in the ‘Superfan’ prize?

Function Generator
Plastic Case
Bench Power Supply
Digital Multimeter
120V Soldering Station
Anti-static Mat and Strap
Lead-free Solder
Screwdriver & Pliers Set
Fluke Voltalert
Tweezer Set
2 Wire Strippers
Precision Probe Set (picks)
Eye Loupe
Hook-Up Wire
Flux Pen
Digi-Key Ruler
Electrical Tape
Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Runner-Up: LULZBOT Mini 2