Student’s life-saving incubator for premature babies is tested in hospital

James Roberts, university graduate from Loughborough University, created the life-saving device to help support premature babies.

The mOm Incubator aims to improve neonatal care in both the UK and the developed world.

One in 10 babies are born prematurely worldwide, with one million dying every year. Research demonstrates that many of these babies could have been saved if they had access to incubators. These statistics inspired James to create the mOm Incubator.

The incubator was created in 2014 at Loughborough’s School of Design and Creative Arts. The mOm operates the same way as other incubators of its kind, however, James stated that it is cheaper and more compact.

The design aims to solve the problem of premature babies not having access to incubators.

The clinical trial took place in St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey and the incubator helped sustain a premature baby.

James stated: “Sustaining a child’s life in our incubator for the first time has been a humbling experience and a monumental step in transforming this dream into a practical reality.”

“It is unacceptable that one million premature babies die each year, when most of these deaths can be easily prevented.”

James has received support from James Dyson, the Virgin Group and the Royal Academy of Engineering.