Software operating cameras like video production specialist

Software operating cameras like video production specialist

Seervision’s software operates cameras as if it were a human and facilitates video productions. The start-​up has its roots at ETH Zurich, where students once developed a clunky prototype for recording lectures.

The coronavirus crisis has made video a powerful communication tool: meetings, presentations and even cultural events are all being broadcast online. But anyone looking to stand out in the crowd of live audiovisual offerings must deliver a high-​end performance. Which is why more and more companies are investing in equipment and technologies that will provide excellent quality and experience. Seervision, an ETH Zurich spin-​off, is feeling the impact.

Seervision develops software that can automate cameras in any type of studio – meaning that one person can effortlessly operate and control several cameras at the same time. “In this way, companies can produce professional videos without worrying about the complexity of the task or the costs,” says co-​founder and CEO Nikos Kariotoglou. It’s exactly what firms are looking for when so many people are working from home.

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Source: “A smart camera that does the thinking”, Omar Zeroual, Zurich ETH News