Smart charging of electric vehicles to stabilise power grid

Smart charging of electric vehicles to stabilise power grid

Two years ago Jacob Dalton completed a master´s thesis proposing how household charging of electric vehicles can be used to stabilize the power grid. Now the KTH graduate’s idea has been introduced as a service by his employer, the Swedish-Norwegian electricity company Tibber.

This is the first time that residential electric vehicles (EVs) are being used on a commercial scale to provide primary frequency reserves, according to Lars Herre, an electric power technology researcher at KTH who supervised Dalton when he took his master´s exam in 2018.

Dalton’s thesis presented a theory of smart charging of electric vehicles (EVs), which could regulate the frequency – and thus balance the power supply – in the electrical grid. The work was done with the electricity company Tibber, where the Australian native was later employed to put the technology in practice.

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Source: “Lightning fast implementation of alumnus´master´s thesis about smart charging of electric vehicles”, KTH Royal Institute of Technology