Researcher has developed a robust and reliable ultrafast laser

Researcher has developed a robust and reliable ultrafast laser

Florian Emaury, CEO and co-​founder of Menhir Photonics, has a dream: to shake up the market with ultrafast lasers. The company’s approach is based on reliable, robust, high-​precision lasers – and a strong presence both in the markets and on social media.

When people hear the word “laser”, their minds may well turn to laser pointers or lightsabres such as those used by Darth Vader and the Jedi Knights in Star Wars. But the laser produced by ETH spin-​off Menhir Photonics is not about producing spectacular lighting effects. From the outside, it is nothing more than a nice-​looking, small blue box with a silver casing.

This laser apparatus is every bit as robust as it looks: it will continue to generate laser beams even when hit with a hammer – it operates with the precision and reliability of a Swiss timepiece and remains as sturdy as a Gallic standing stone (menhir) in the process.

Precise and reliable, sturdy and robust – for Florian Emaury, CEO of Menhir Photonics and one of the three founders of the company, these are the key characteristics of this laser device: “Even shaking or hitting our lasers has no impact on their performance.”

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Souce: “An ultrafast laser that’s as precise and reliable as a Swiss timepiece”, Florian Meyer, Zurich ETH