Qualcomm Smart Headset Platform supports Google Assistant

New Audio Headset Reference Design, Based on the Flagship Qualcomm QCC5100-series, Helps Manufacturers Create Innovative Products with Fast Pair and the Google Assistant.

Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, today announced support for the Google Assistant and Google Fast Pair on the Qualcomm Smart Headset Platform. Based on Qualcomm Technologies International’s most advanced family of low power Bluetooth audio chips (QCC5100-series), the reference design includes key hardware and software required for manufacturers to more easily create differentiated wireless stereo earbuds featuring support for the Google Assistant and enabling a variety of product tiers and categories.

The end-to-end reference design supports push-button activation for the Google Assistant which connects to the Google Assistant app running on the smartphone. The integrated platform is designed to bring a unique combination of processing capability, connectivity options, voice assistant interfaces and premium audio technologies to help meet increasing consumer demand for comprehensively featured, highly intuitive wireless stereo headsets and earbuds.