Pulsonix donates engineering design software worth £9.5million to NMiTE

Students at NMiTE (the project to create an engineering university in Hereford ) will be using state-of-the-art design software when it opens its doors in the coming months thanks to a generous donation from Pulsonix  worth £9.5million.

Pulsonix, a leading creator of sophisticated yet easy-to-use engineering design software, is providing NMiTE with 1,200 licences over the next four years, giving students full use of its professional PCB (printed circuit board) design and test software.

Bob Williams, the Managing Director of Pulsonix, which is based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, said: “We are delighted to provide our software so NMiTE’s students will be working with leading-edge commercial software from the moment they start on the projects for engineering employers. 

“Our software is particularly designed to enable engineers to combine advanced electronic components into items they create, for instance for incorporating censors, Internet of Things components and enabling remote and AI control.

“When launched, NMiTE will be Britain’s first dedicated engineering university, and it offers a fresh and much-needed new approach that will help ensure more young people are attracted into this strategically important profession.  That is why Pulsonix is providing such strong support to this important initiative that is so strategically important for the UK’s engineering sector and indeed the whole UK economy.

”We are excited to be working and supporting this new project, especially in the West of England close to our headquarters. The learning schedules that NMiTE are promoting replicates modern industry, and Pulsonix fits well into this as an easy-to-learn electronics design system. Students will leave the course and will be immediately employable, something that is important to both the regional economy and the UK’s engineering sector overall.”

Toby Kinnaird, NMiTE’s Engineer in Residence (and himself the CEO of Barrs Court Engineering), said: “This donation of software worth £9.5 million from Pulsonix is a major and generous contribution to the success of NMiTE.

“Part of our distinctive approach is that students will be learning through working on real-life commercial projects for employers, and this will enable them to do this using the same Pulsonix software used by hundreds of leading engineering businesses.”

Toby Kinnaird added: “The future of engineering is enabled through the increasing embedding of electronics, for capturing data used in control and AI and for connectivity with the spread of the Internet of Things and implementation of Industry 4.0.  Pulsonix’s software is particularly valuable for work on leading-edge areas such as automated vehicles, 5G or other high speed design projects”