Northstar – big data on the white board

 Group of researchers from MIT and Brown University has developed an interactive data analytics system, that can predict certain events for variety of applications. The most encouraging application should be medical, that will help doctors to predict certain diseases. Business leaders can also predict their sales several weeks ahead, using this innovative system.

The system is called Northstar. Northstar was developing for four years, and consists of four parts : Vizdom, IDEA, QUDE and Alpine Meadow.  Key feature is  based on machine learning models that run prediction tasks. Researchers already published some number of papers explaining the work principles and modifications of Northstar. This system helps non-professionals in data science to benefit big data, getting easy and precise analytics.

All you need is to equid your room with white interactive board, upload his datasheets into the system, and all data labels will be populated with different attributes. This system can link different attributes and sets of data together and lay out analytics. All data analysis happens in the cloud.  

Another important feature of this system is predictive analysis AutoML, that can do different analytics like data prediction, image classification and other options.

Researchers claiming this system as the fastest interactive tool now. AutoML has unique estimation engine, that is located between the cloud and interface.

The next step of this research is going to be a feature, that let user know about potential errors.

Read detailed research description here. 

Credit: “Drag-and-drop data analytics”, Rob Matheson, MIT News