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Micron Internship

Micron Technology Inc., is very interested in gaining talented students in their team and gives great annual possibility for universities and colleges students to participate their internship.

Internship at Micron gives students chance to try job at technological company and define their carrier path. Micron’s internship program helps to see technology from the inside.

The internship cycle starts in April, lasting till August. Meanwhile application period lasts from September till March each year. Students can also visit campus that time to meet with Micron recruiting team.

Micron accept applications of all students across USA, gaining the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees in accredited universities. The openings include data science, architecture pathfinding, machine learning, hardware and software, design engineering, business and logistics. To apply, you should go through several steps:

  • Make clear resume;
  • Submit your application;
  • Meet with Micron at a campus career event;
  • Gain and show as more relevant experience as possible.

Those students who were not accepted for internship during antecedent year, can apply again next year. Be sure you are developing relevant skills and knowledge to perform great next application period. You can join Micron Talent Community to be connected with recruiting team and informed about openings.

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