Life-saving robots from Georgia Tech students

Life-saving robots from Georgia Tech students

Mirza Samnani estimates that he’s built well over 100 robots.“I built my first robot probably in the eighth grade,” Samnani recalled.

As a teen, he started building Mars Rover prototypes for NASA competitions. He also launched his own robotics startup called Ignite Labs, which develops affordable robotic equipment for industries and promotes robotics to students of all ages.

Then, last year, just as Samnani was preparing to start a master’s degree program at Georgia Tech in aerospace engineering, the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Suddenly traveling from Mumbai to Atlanta was no longer an option.

Following some advice from his soon-to-be professor and his mother, Samnani started working on engineering solutions that might help his community, and he was inspired by the work he had already been doing.

“If we can remotely explore Mars and Jupiter,” he observed, “we should be able to figure out how to make that technology work in a hospital setting.”

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Source: “Georgia Tech Student Builds Life-Saving Robots”, Georgia Institute of Technology