IT security for quantum computers

IT security for quantum computers

Quantum computers will make current security mechanisms vulnerable to new types of cyber attacks – this is a problem for chip cards as well as for complex technological systems like networked vehicles or industrial control systems. In the research project Aquorypt, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will work with researchers and industry partners to develop new protective measures for the age of quantum computing.

Cryptography is already used in cars and industrial control equipment today: Communication between the various components is encrypted. This is intended to prevent the transfer of malware through maintenance interfaces, for example. In a vehicle, hackers could disrupt safety systems, perhaps causing the brakes to be slammed on while driving at full speed. Cyber attacks on industrial facilities could lead to the theft of knowledge on production processes or the shutdown of entire factories. As electronic systems become even more tightly networked in the future, IT security for software and hardware will become increasingly important.

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Source: “IT security for the quantum computing age”, Technical University of Munich.