Georgia Tech Conference about IoT for Sustainability

Georgia Institute of Technology will host the IOT for Sustainability Conference on 18 of July 2019 at  Centre of the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) in Atlanta. This event will showcase catalysts and use cases to examine key promises and challenges of IoT for sustainable world. Another point of Georgia Tech IoT Conference  is to show business opportunities for IoT and sustainability.

IoT is considered as the crucial component for digital transformation. Sustainability is need of the our present and future, so we must consider challenges towards sustainable world at all levels.

Georgia Institute of Technology conference will bring together academic and business leaders with their high recognised expertise.

IoT Conference will consist with two general roundtable and five smaller sessions. Conference openers are Biel Jamoussi, chief of the Study Groups Department, ITU Standartisation Bureau and Robert Schmid, chief IoT technologist at Deloitte.

The main ideas of the IoT conference are:

  • IoT development and adoption promotion for benefit of humanity, environment and sustainability;
  • IoT implementation in urban and rural areas to build Smart Cities;
  • Secure IoT ecosystem;
  • Adopting innovative IoT applications to deal with hunger, water supply and other problems;
  • IoT trends growth identification;

and other topics.

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