Electronics engineer wanted

Newbury Innovation ( the design division of Newbury Electronics, the electronics design company, is searching for an electronics engineer to join its team. Working for Newbury Innovation, the successful applicant will be able to see their new product developments right through from concept to selling in the marketplace.

Every project is different and therefore Newbury’s engineers accumulate the broadest of skills, and, perhaps more importantly, a wide appreciation of new innovations and techniques as they find their way onto the market. Not only is a good knowledge of electronics required but also a sound scientific background coupled with a practical mind set.

Embedded microcontroller projects are the bread and butter of the team, but other disciplines such as analogue design, video, signal processing, etc are just part of the suite of skills the engineer must build. The performance of transducers is often key to Newbury’s projects and so a degree of mechanical acumen is required to understand a project in its entirety.

Newbury believe this latest position offers a unique opportunity as its engineers see such a broad, but not shallow, range of technologies and skills. This experience provides a real bedrock for the successful candidate’s entire career.

It is essential that product developers are closely coupled with customers and we pride ourselves on building teams that have very strong communication skills.

Skills and experience - the outcome

A fresh graduate needs to very quickly underpin a degree with experience in order that their future success is assured. After less than a year of experience the good engineers will be able to generate complex designs, manage their production and implementation and maintain contact with customers. They will also have gained experience with the product support that is necessary following production of prototypes. When a customer places an order with Newbury Innovation the company takes them through to selling the product and beyond (much more than just prototypes).

At the time of writing new engineers can expect to be generating designs with ARM processors and solving (with help where necessary) complex problems such as optimum PCB layout to overcome RF problems.

Detailed job description

Newbury are looking for engineers with generally broad technical and personal skills, but are also interested in those with predominant skills, eg. software development and RF design. Not having all of the skills will not be a reason for discounting an application.

The role will involve dealing with people of all levels both externally and internally. NI development engineers handle projects from inception (early specification) through to shipment and beyond (customer witnessed tests of developed products immediately prior to despatch, and post prototype to market support). Communication skills commensurate with this are essential.

The successful candidate will have the some/all of the following additional attributes:

  • Programming skills (C, C++ a minimum)
  • Software writing skills an advantage (phone Apps, acquisition software, web based products)
  • Experience in developing embedded electronic designs
  • All round electronic design capabilities
  • Familiarity with electronic CAD development tools (Altium and advantage)
  • Practical skills
  • Knowledge of basic mechanical design and associated CAD.
  • Good administrative skills.
Main duties

The following are the main duties of the Electronics Development Engineer:

  1. Communicating with customers and establishing their needs in the form of thorough technical specifications.
  2. Designing, building (where necessary) and testing electronic circuits to meet the needs of the technical specification.
  3. Communicating with customers regarding the detail of projects and resolving issues.
  4. Compiling design specifications (documentation necessary for production).
  5. PCB layout.
  6. Dealing with manufacturing issues and troubleshooting.
  7. Verification and validation of completed products including trials with customers.
  8. Completing design files such that design is fully transportable and sustainable.
  9. Taking part in design reviews.
  10. Attending and contributing to Design management meetings.

Job summary 

Company: Newbury Innovation (design division of Newbury Electronics)

Position Title: Electronics Engineer (permanent). Placements considered for those interested in a full time career with Newbury Innovation at a later date.

Job Ref No: JHPK2001

Industry: Electronic engineering and product development

Company website:

Location: Newbury, Berkshire.

Salary: Full time £24k to £30k and placements £17.5k to 24k, depending on experience and ability.

Closing Date: open

Approx. start date: July 2019

How to apply: CV via email to Jon Hawkins ( Questions welcome on 07747 035046.

Details: Qualification: MEng/BEng(Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Variants on this discipline considered.