Cyber security research grants against digital threats

Cyber security research grants against digital threats

The challenges we face in the digital domain are very real. On a daily basis Dutch society is threatened by cyberattacks in varying degrees of severity and from various actors. As societies become ever more digital, managing security risks is now more urgent than ever. Eindhoven University of Technology is involved in three new research projects in the field of cyber security to meet these challenges.

The three projects are part of the NWO Call Cybersecurity – Digital Security & Privacy, with a total amount of four million euros for ten research projects. Societal and private partners jointly co-finance € 1.4 million. The average duration of the projects is four years. The three projects in which TU/e plays a prominent role:

Collusion attacks
This project FORWARDT (FORensic WAtermarking with Robust Dynamic Trading) aims to improve the resilience of audio-video watermarks against so-called collusion attacks, where multiple attackers hold differently watermarked versions of the same content. We focus in particular on the challenges in real-world content delivery systems, e.g. multi-channel attacks and dynamic tracing. Boris Skoric leads this project.

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Source: “Tackling digital threats with cyber security research grants”, Barry van der Meer, Eindhoven University of Technology