Cybathlon 2024 will have a global format

Cybathlon 2024 will have a global format

ETH Zurich’s third edition of Cybathlon will take place October 25 – 27th, 2024 with a main event in Zurich, Switzerland and teams participating at hubs around the world. As a platform focused on a world without barriers, Cybathlon challenges teams to develop everyday assistive technologies for, and in collaboration with, people with disabilities. In 2024, approximately 160 international teams will compete in a global competition.

“Compared to the 2016 and 2020 editions, we are incorporating a greater degree of unpredictability and a wider spectrum of tasks into the 2024 tasks”, says Roland Sigrist, Head of Cybathlon. For example, prior to the race, the wheelchair pilots (pilots are persons with a disability who pilot the new technology) will not be able to anticipate the sequence in which they will encounter steps of differing heights and must react to the situation in the heat of the moment, much like they would in everyday scenarios. This requires international teams to develop even more robust, functional, and dynamic assistive technologies for people with disabilities. Such qualities ensure a greater likelihood of user acceptance.

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Source: “Cybathlon 2024 to include the visually impaired and robot aides”, Zurich ETH