Collaboration behind Data Science degree program

Collaboration behind Data Science degree program

KTH has joined forces with Ericsson to develop a unique contract education program within Machine Learning and AI. Right now, 30 Ericsson engineers around the world are reading the course.

“This is an incredibly exciting initiative and the first big contract education program for the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and involves three different departments in the School,” says Program Director and Professor Carlo Fischione.

Developing the program, called the Data Science Micro Degree Program, has been done very much in a pioneering spirit where researchers from Ericsson and professors at KTH have literally brought their wise heads together to create a concept whose content meets the know-how development needs of the company.

It has been a fascinating dynamic where we have had a continuous opportunity to learn from each other about the very latest technology and knowledge in the area at a very advanced level,” says Fischione.

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Source: “Collaboration behind unique AI-program”, KTH Royal Institute of Technology