Boston Dynamics reinventing logistics market

Last week Boston Dynamics announced acquisition with Silicon Valley startup Kinema Systems, whose developments allows robots to move and locate objects based on the complex surfaces using deep-learning technology.

Kinema systems developed system, utilising  specialised machine learning software and vision sensors for robotic arms, used in logistics industry, so robotic arms can move  boxes off pallets and conveyers. The system, called Pick, allows manufacturing, logistic companies to achieve high rates of boxes movements in complex conditions with minimal settings, working with multi-SKU, single-SKU and random pallets.

Boston Dynamics Founder and CEO said: “Bringing the Kinema team into Boston Dynamics expands our perception and learning capabilities while the Pick product accelerates our entry into the logistics market.”

Pick is an upgraded Handle platform, adapted for logistics industry.

Boston Dynamics started sales and support of Pick system to interested in utilisation customers, however Pick development and advancement  is still going on.

Here the recent video Boston Dynamics published with Handle robot moving boxes in the warehouse. Read Press Release here.