AI is revolutionising farming

AI greenhouse

MIT researchers discovered how to create  very delicious basil plants using machine learning and data science techniques. machine Learning is responsible here for creating perfect growing conditions for maximised concentration of basil flavour volatile compounds. 

Details of this study were published at PLOS One journal last week. basil was grown in special hydroponic containers, where environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and others are controlled automatically. The plant was investigated with mass spectrometry and other methods. ]

The report says that the best taste of basil guaranteed after 24-hours a day exposure by light. The research group is testing and investigating plants disease-resistivity and other plants capabilities. Research and development of plants grown in conditions AI-controlled gains high agricultural response.

ML-based greenhouse technologies  were deployed in several commercial farms around the world. Read the full article.

Credit: MIT Technology Review, Will Knight, Senior Editor, AI