Advancing digital transformation, one job at a time

The UK’s largest dedicated platform for data and analytics jobs, OnlyDataJobs, is live. There are already over 13,700 jobs available on the site from a range of UK employers, including a number of positions across the technology, manufacturing and engineering sectors. For manufacturers wanting to scale up their digital growth plans, the platform aims to connect skilled data specialists with businesses embracing Industry 4.0.

It’s well-recognised that the impact of remote working, dispersed teams and adapting to post-pandemic society has accelerated digitalisation — some claim by as much as seven years. What remains a blockage, however, is access to enough digital, data-driven talent.

In Forrester’s 2023 European outlook, it claims it takes 69 days to fill tech roles, compared to 41 days for the overall market. It also states that, on average, there are 200,000 open tech jobs that cannot be filled due to a lack of suitable candidates.

To help organisations overcome this hiring barrier and gain access to the right skilled experts, OnlyDataJobs acts as a single platform that hosts virtually every data job a business may require, for a variety of industries. Currently, the platform hosts over 1,200 jobs for technology companies. Postings include positions at Apple, BMW and Amazon.

Not only does OnlyDataJobs offer a wide variety of roles, it also has several unique features that make it even easier for candidates to find their ideal role. Because the platform is dedicated to data and analytics, job seekers can search for their next role by technology or programming language, such as Python, SQL, Azure or Java. In fact, there are over 70 different technologies or programmes that the user can filter by. Employers and candidates can both search for jobs or future employees based on second language skills, and there’s an entire section dedicated to remote work, which is a growing requirement in this sector.

Unlike traditional recruitment sites, jobs posted on OnlyDataJobs link directly to the careers page that it was originally listed on. This means that a user’s application goes straight to the potential employer, rather than via a recruitment consultant or third party.

OnlyDataJobs was co-founded by one of the most experienced recruitment specialists in the country — John Salt, former executive at leading job sites, TotalJobs and CV-Library. Alongside him are co-founders Ryan Jones, who previously founded a data science recruitment firm, and Jonathan Hedger, a marketing specialist for TotalJobs and JobToday.

“Research suggests that two thirds of companies are talking about data more than they did five years ago,” explained Salt. “Data analytics is the digital skill most in demand globally and it’s in the list of the top three skills that recruiters in tech-driven companies are looking for.

“As strong data capabilities become more important for every area of industry, employers are looking for professionals with skills in the architecture, retrieval and analysis of large sets of data. It’s been well over a decade since the term Industry 4.0 was coined at the Hannover Fair and, while many businesses are aware of what it entails, a surprising number aren’t there with its delivery. A lot of that comes down to having access to the right skills — something we hope our dedicated data jobs platform will conquer.”