Advanced sensor panels on the edge of imagination

Neonode sensors are on the edge of imagination

Student Circuit had a very interesting talk with Bengt Edlund, VP Distribution & Partner Sales from Neonode, headquartered in Stockholm. This company develops advanced sensor modules based on their patented optical technologies :

  • Modules based on patented optical reflective technology;
  • Interfaces and interactive solutions based on optical blocking technology.

Neonode’s product portfolio includes products for wide-range consumers and also products adapted for automotive application.

The Neonode sensor modules are laser light based touch sensors, that detect and track objects by detecting diffusely reflected infrared light. Object from the active area will affect specific coordinates, that will be used as the outcome.  Neonode technology enables sense-react feedback  with zero delay. Sensors can detect object size and shape, position, detecting both static and dynamic objects. This feature gives big advantage in robotics application.

Neonode patented technology is  based on infrared light, called zForce consist of one-sided sensor, which operation based on the reflection principle.

This technology makes possible to create multi-touch input on displays and any touch surfaces. Sensor module unique features are:

  • Touch function on any display with or without overlay;
  • Touch experience on hidden displays, adding interraction possibility on any surface;
  • Multi-touch and custom gestures support;
  • Touch interaction experience, including tapping and swiping, on any surafce.

User can have an evaluation zForce kit, allowing to program and setup the sensor for specific project and application. Work with the module can be done via the workbench, Arduino or Plug-n-Play mode. Neonode offers SDK and Arduino libraries for flexible work with the module.  Detailed information  about successful mechanical and electrical module integratiion can be found in the zForce Air Touch Sensor User’s Guide available on the web-site.

Neonode products are a perfect solutions for applications where direct surface contact avoided, keeping precise interraction and visual feedback experience. What can be done here:

  • Gesture control (including swiping hands and multi-finger interaction);
  • Mid-air touch experience where where fingers should not touch the surface;
  • Visual feedback feature for intermediate visual feedback;
  • Possibility to wake-up a system when an object approaching the system.

On of very interesting Neonode products implementation is the collaboration with ASKA3D.

Neonode solutions are perfectly adapted for automotive industry addressing interior and exterior applications that can be used in inforatinment, entry and interior control systems. Neonode sensors correspond to the standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001/IATF  16949 Invironmental and Quality Management System (QMS). Neonode automotive products are offering high resolution, high speed and low power consumption, detect any objects on any surface and in the air.