A green battery for Sub-Saharan Africa

A green battery for Sub-Saharan Africa

EPFL startup hiLyte has developed an eco-friendly battery that will allow people in Sub-Saharan Africa to light their homes and charge their cell phones. The technology is currently being tested by families in Tanzania.

Over a billion people worldwide live without electricity. The problem is especially acute in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, where many families spend their evenings in darkness and most cell phone owners are unable to charge their device at home.

hiLyte, a startup founded by two graduates of EPFL’s School of Engineering (STI), has developed a clean, affordable battery using iron, water, coffee filters and carbon felt. With a single charge, the battery can power an LED bulb for five hours or charge a cell phone. Once used, the liquid inside can be safely released into the environment.

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Source: “A green battery for home use in rural Africa”, Laure-Anne Pessina, EPFL News