Solve these problems and submit your answers down in the comments.

Problem 1. Find equivalent resistance Req for the network of resistances in Figure 30.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig30
Figure 30

Problem 2.  Find equivalent resistance Req for the network of resistances in Figure 31.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig31
Figure 31

Problem 3. Find equivalent resistance Req to the Rab for the network of resistances in the Figure 32.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig32
Figure 32

Problem 4. Find the equivalent conductivity Geq for the part of network in Figure 33.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig33
Figure 33

Problem 5.  Find the voltages v1 and v2 in Figure 34. Also find power dissipated on the 2 and 10Ohm resistors.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig34
Figure 34

Problem 6. According to Figure 35, determine voltage v0  of resistor R1, power generated by the source and power dissipating on each resistor.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig35
Figure 35

Problem 7. Find the equivalent resistance Rab, find current i.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig36
Figure 36

Problem 8. Find the equivalent resistance Rab, ant the current i of the circuit.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig37
Figure 37

Problem 9. Let us consider a circuit with 4 nodes – A, B, C, D. Let the current iAB go from node A to B. The iAB is 13mA, iDA is 30mA. Find iAC and iCD, if  is 24mA.

Problem 10. Here on the circuit in Figure 38, find the power supplied by a 10A source.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig38
Figure 38

Problem 11. On the circuit in Figure 39 find the power supplied by a 20A source.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig39
Figure 39

Problem 12. On the circuit in Figure 40 find v1 when the 10A source supply is 10v1 power.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig40
Figure 40

Problem 13. On the circuit in the Figure 41, when the power generated by 10A source is 10v1. Find the v1.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig41
Figure 41

Problem 14. Using the nodal method find the power supplied by the 5A source of the circuit in Figure 42.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig42
Figure 42

Problem 15. Using nodal analysis find the voltages v1 and v2 for the circuit in Figure 43.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig43
Figure 43

Problem 16. Using the nodal method, find v1 and v2 voltages of the circuit in Figure 44.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig44
Figure 44

Problem 17. Using nodal method, determine voltage v0 of the circuit in Figure 45.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig45
Figure 45

Problem 18. Determine the voltages v1, v2 and v3 of the circuit in Figure 46.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig46
Figure 46

Problem 19. Determine the current I0  using a mesh method for the circuit in Figure 47.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig47
Figure 47

Problem 20. Find the loop currents for a circuit in Figure 48.

Circuit Fundamentals - Fig48
Figure 48

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