Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of devices – such as sensors – connected to the internet, that are transmitting and storing data to the Cloud. IoT can be differentiated by the different parameters, like element of AI, connection protocols, sensors, and others.  Read more

Rotating electrical machine – is a microelectromechanical system, operating on the laws of electric and magnetic fields, consisting of rotor, stator, and windings. One of the examples of microelectromechanical systems is rotating electric machines. The key role in the operation of electric machines is played by windings. Read More 

Signalsare functions of one or several independent variables. There two types of signals – discrete-time and continuous-time signals. Discrete-time signals are defined at the discrete moment of time and the mathematical function takes the descrete set of values. Read more

One-phase current – is the current, that can be  described with formula i=Imsin (ωt+φ). Read more

Frequency (of sinus wave signal) – is the amount of oscillations per second. Read more

Resistance – is a element of circuit, characterised by the volt-ampere characteristics of the circuit (corresponding to the resistor).  Read more.

Inductance – is a circuit element that can store magnetic energy of magnetic field and can respond to EMF of the circuit. It is characterised by the inductance characteristics or magnetic flux – current characteristics. Read more

Capacitor – is the circuit element, representing energy of electric source, storage and leakage currents. It is characterised by capacitance.  Read more

Semiconductors – are a class of materials characterised with electron conductivity. They are capable to change their features depending on different external conditions (temperature, light, electromagnetic field and others). Semiconductors can be intrinsic and extrinsic.  Read more.

Extrinsic semiconductor – is a semiconductor where electrical properties are due to impurities in their structure. Impurities can create additional  energy levels in a forbidden band. Impurities in semiconductor can be two types – replacement and implementation. Read more.

Quarter-wave impedance transformer – is a device that matches the transmission line and the impedance. Read more.

Optical communication systemis a system, characterised with large capacity to carry information. It can be used can in any application where transfer of the information is required from one place to another. And can be classified into two categories – guided and unguided optical systems. Read more.

Computational thinking – is a process of defining the problem and formulating automated solutions. Read more.