How to read Arduino Uno board.

Arduino installation is simple. Go to the official web page, download the software for OS you use. And hit the icon Arduino.

The application will offer you an option to download libraries. It is better to install all libraries you find reasonable, however there is a few of them already pre-installed and ready to use.

After software Arduino IDE application developer can start using it right away. All he need to do is plug in the board into power source via USB cable, AC-to-DC adapter or battery.

Let’s take a look on the pinout of board on the picture below:

Arduino pinout Picture 1. Arduino board pinout.

This pinout shows analog and digital GPIO pins. In the output mode GPIO beacon receives data from connected device, in the output mode – GPIO beacon transmit data to connected device.

In total board contains 14 digital input/output pins and 6 analog pins, USB and power jack.

5V pin supply 5V voltage from the on board regulator. 3.3V pin supply 3.3 V voltage from on board regulator. At the same time time maximum current is 50mA. Vin pin is used for brd external voltage supply. GND are ground pins. IOREF pin provide reverence voltage for microcontroller.

Digital pins of the board can be used as inputs or outputs, and use three functions:

pinMode(), digitalWrite(), digitalRead() and analogWrite () function, the last one works with the pins that marked ~PWM symbol.

These pins operate with 5V voltage, maximum 40mA current and contains 20-50kOhm internal resistors.

Some pins however has specified functions:

GPIO 0 receive serial data.

GPIO 1 transmit serial data.

GPIO 2 and GPIO 3 are external interrupts.

GPIO 3, GPIO 5, GPIO 6, GPIO 9, GPIO 10, GPIO 11 provide 8-bit PWM output with analogWrite() function.

GPIO 10, GPIO 11, GPIO 12, GPIO 13 provide SPI communication.

GPIO 13 is connected to LED, indicating HIGH or LOW value.

GPIO 19, GPIO 18, GPIO 17, GPIO 16, GPIO 15, GPIO 14 are analog inputs. GPIO 19 and GPIO 18 provide TWI functionality . AREF is a reference voltage for analog inputs.

Reset pin resets the microcontroller.