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The following apprenticeships are available at Rutronik:

  • Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant
  • Management Assistant for E-Commerce
  • Forwarding and Logistics Services Agent
  • IT Specislist
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist

As an apprentice, you are a fully-fledged member of the Rutronik team – both challenged and supported in equal measure. Thanks to you being integrated in the running of the business, students get to know the processes in detail but also have the opportunity to identify your own personal strengths while doing so. This creates a solid basis for when the apprenticeship comes to an end.

“Learning by doing” is the motto at Rutronik – perfectly combining theory and practice as part of your apprenticeship. Regular participation in courses is just as much part of an apprenticeship, as is a mentor who is always there to listen to your questions. And thanks to activities like the apprentices’ day trip, the Rutronik Rally and a St. Nicholas party, there is never a lack of fun.

Once the first step has been taken, the opportunity to climb more rungs on the career ladder awaits you at Rutronik. If you prove suitable and perform well during the apprenticeship, the company offer you the opportunity of a permanent position in an area of interest. Thanks to an efficient induction and taking on responsibility quickly, students use the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their everyday work to open up other options.

Anyone who wants to get a taster of what it’s like at Rutronik and find out what really interests them, has the perfect opportunity to do so with the company’s work experience for students still at school. From talking to apprentices and experienced staff you will know first-hand what working with Rutronik is really like.

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