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Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of semiconductor solutions, microcontrollers, LED drivers, sensors and Automotive & Power Management ICs. The company offer a broad selection of technical and commercial apprenticeships. Students are seen as an important part of the Infineon team and will be given direct attention and support via internal workshops and training. Post-apprenticeship, student will also have exciting opportunities for continuing their education, including university studies with a successful entrance qualification.

Technical apprenticeships available with Infineon Technologies include:

Electronics technician for industrial engineering

As a qualified electronics engineer for industrial engineering, you make sure the lights stay on. Without energy, modern production is nothing. The practical side of this job includes filing, sawing, and drilling to manufacture mechanical components and to create connections. Naturally, you’ll also learn your way around a circuit diagram, how to assemble and wire electronic devices, and how to inspect them, measure them, and set them up. Your know-how will be sought after wherever modern industrial engineering and installation engineering are in use.

Apprenticeship contents: Basic training in metal work and electronics, service areas, project contributions, SPS, foundations in semiconductor technology, and work within various departments.

Apprenticeship location: Regensburg, Warstein

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years


Electronics technician for devices and systems

As a qualified electronics technician for devices and systems you will assemble devices and components, bring them into service, inspect them, and keep them in proper condition. Naturally, you will also contribute to analysis and optimisation of manufacturing processes and support developers in fulfilling orders.

Apprenticeship contents: Materials processing, microcomputer technology, control engineering, duties in various departments, and much more.

Apprenticeship location: Regensburg

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years


Production mechanic

In the production mechanics apprenticeship, you will learn everything needed to keep the manufacture and assembly of industrial series products running smoothly. You will gain valuable knowledge about the assembly of components and devices, as well as the inspection, functional setup, error correction, and product-related repairs of both components and complete products. Supervision of completed work and potential post-treatment are also part of the job, as are the identification of tasks based on assembly and maintenance plans, design drawings, and procedural instructions.

Apprenticeship contents: Assembly of components and devices, technical communication, safeguarding process operations, monitoring material flows, and much more.

Apprenticeship location: Warstein

Apprenticeship duration: 3 years


Mechatronics technician

During the mechatronics apprenticeship, you will learn everything necessary to keep production running flawlessly: from metal working to electronic engineering, all the way to programming. Along with the planning, assembly, and installation of new systems, your duties also include the startup operations and maintenance of electronic and mechanical systems. You will develop solutions that are right to the point and navigate projects from start to finish.

Apprenticeship contents: Manual and machine-based materials processing, electronic engineering, foundations of semiconductor technology, automation technology, PC hard- and software configuration.

Apprenticeship location: Dresden, Regensburg, Warstein

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years



In this apprenticeship, you will be entrusted with the construction of innovative semiconductor products and microsystems, either as prototypes or in a series. Your production tasks include the planning and organisation of process sequences and test series as well as the documentation and evaluation of results. You will not only install facilities and equipment, but also oversee, test, and inspect these manufacturing processes. Quality control and logistics management are also among your shared responsibilities.

Apprenticeship contents: Cleanroom technology and properties, process chemistry, semiconductor and microsystem technology, and quality management.

Apprenticeship location: Dresden, Regensburg

Apprenticeship duration: 3 years


Double profession mechatronics and electronics technician

At the technical academy in St. Andrä in the Lavanttal, as well as at the plant in Villach, you can learn everything needed to keep our innovation factory running. As a mechatronic and electronic technician, you will be well versed in mechanics, electronics and informatics. You will build, program, inspect, and maintain mechanical and electromechanical system components.

Apprenticeship contents: Mechanics, electronics, and informatics.

Apprenticeship location: Villach

Apprenticeship duration: 4 years

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