Transforming the educational world

In this post-pandemic world, traditional learning is no longer fit for purpose, and student expectations are greater than ever before. And, rightfully so. The world is evolving – and so online learning needs to be evolving with this new age, too. 

Education is a human right. The 24th January has been proclaimed by The United Nations General Assembly as International Day of Education, in celebration of the roe of education for peace and development.

One entrepreneur and learning pioneer has launched what he believes is the solution, bridging the gap between traditional learning and digital presence.

David Thomson, CEO and Founder of Suada, understands the importance of embracing innovative and collaborative ways of learning. With 25-years’ experience of managing businesses, as well as being a qualified life coach, and formerly one of the very few trainers in the world endorsed by Dr Robert Cialdini to deliver his Principles of Persuasion training, David’s channelling his expertise into assisting learners engage with and utilise the power of technology.

Here, he explains what Suada is, and how it’s about to revolutionise the educational world.

What is Suada?

“Simply put, Suada is an app that will change learning. Forever. But, technically speaking, it’s a fully-functional digital Learning Experience Platform (LXP), which has been developed to enhance learning and long-term retention of knowledge. It brings together all the best elements of traditional and online learning to create something really special.

The app is a gateway to information. Content can be uploaded by students, educators and experts in a variety of sectors to add a new dimension to learning.

But, there’s more.

Experts will be authenticated using credentials and digital badges, so users can rest assured that the content is of a high quality, accurate and worth engaging with. And it’s a social learning platform, meaning that the user is equally as important here. Suada is a community, and we encourage users to assist peers – challenge them, question them, study with them, learn from them.

What makes Suada different?

Suada is revolutionising the learning sphere. Not only has it added a new dimension to learning, creating a unique and innovative place for education to exist, but one of its primary – and most valuable – elements is the ‘Teach Back’ feature.

If you understand a topic enough to teach someone else, you’ve cracked it. This method, also known as the Protégé Effect, is proven to be an effective learning tool, with a 2021 study finding that consistent collaborative approaches to education can progress students’ learning by approx. five months over the course of the academic year [1].

Suada also recognises and encourages the importance of peer reflection as users have the ability to create a video to reiterate what’s been learnt. In any format, in any creative manner.

It’s a fantastic self-assessment tool to review personal learning, but can also assist others who may be struggling to reach that light bulb moment. We all work differently. At different times. With different learning styles and preferences. The teacher standing at the whiteboard, and students scribbling notes is far from productive. Instead, educators can create, manage and deliver their bank of courses for students to sign up to, whilst arranging regular and ongoing assessments.

Suada is available 24/7, on the go, and has been carefully crafted and designed to cater for each of the preferred learning styles – content can be uploaded in all manner of formats, including video, written form, podcast, quiz, independent learning, group projects, peer review. It’s accessible for everyone.

How can it help?

Suada has evolved and adapted, stemming from user-generated feedback. We really care what our users think, and how they feel the app could be better suited to them. Ultimately, we’ve developed a toolkit to aid long-term success.

It’s incredibly accessible – purposefully designed to feel familiar, with a similar layout to many social media platforms we all know and love. And, we’re on our phones more than ever before. USwitch conducted research earlier this year that found UK adults spend approx. 5 hours per day on their phones [2]. Turning just half an hour of this into something productive, will be sure to achieve educational growth.

And most importantly, we know that online learning – especially throughout the pandemic – felt a little lonely. Having no access to support, or not knowing where or how to seek it, is incredibly daunting. So much so, that the aftermath of the Covid-19 lockdowns created an ‘epidemic of loneliness’, with half of people admitting to feeling lonely and a newfound understanding and awareness that we are indeed social creatures [3].

We aim to avoid loneliness at all costs. The digital world truly is magical – there’s an immense power in having access to your tutors and educators at your fingertips, plus being able to contact other students and experts, who are not only willing to help, but keen to have interesting debates and discussions.

Final thoughts

Traditional learning is no longer fit for purpose. But Suada is here to bridge the gap. This pioneering technology is the future of learning, providing phenomenal benefits to both educational leaders and students, as well as developing individuals into confident, engaged and independent learners, ready and raring to take on the world of employment and all the opportunities that it brings with it.

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