How to improve reliability in Peltier Modules

How to improve reliability in Peltier Modules

Growing in popularity due to their reliable solid-state construction and precise temperature control, Peltier modules or thermoelectric coolers (TEC) operate by transferring heat from one side of the module to the other when electrical power is applied. Although their reliability is enhanced by the fact that they have no moving parts, there are still several factors that can degrade their performance if not properly implemented.

Some of these factors are related to the mechanical installation of the Peltier module such as compression, shear, and tension stresses. Other factors like the temperature, temperature gradient, and temperature slew rate correlate to the module’s operating conditions and can be more difficult to quantify.

The CUI Insights blog post, “Reliability Considerations for Peltier Modules” breaks down these factors in greater detail, while offering reliability improvements and proper design implementation techniques.

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