An overview of ultrasonic sensors

An overview of ultrasonic sensors

Emitting a chirp and then measuring the amount of time it takes for that chirp to bounce off an object and return, ultrasonic sensors have been around for years as a popular method for distance measurement and object detection. As the market for autonomous vehicles, robots, and other similar electronic products expands, ultrasonic sensors are continuing to find new uses due to their flexibility and capabilities in a range of scenarios. 

Although a relatively well-understood technology, it is still important to understand how ultrasonic sensors work as well as how to specify them based on key performance parameters to help determine the most ideal sensor for a given design. While ultrasonic sensors do carry a lot of advantages in certain applications, they along with any sensor do have several limitations to consider before making a final selection.

This CUI Insights blog post, “The Basics of Ultrasonic Sensors” covers ultrasonic sensors in greater detail, including their basic operation, key features, and strengths/drawbacks. 

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